State of Knowledge

December 2020. ixi-UMS 6 Business and ixi-UMS 7 Business. 

Moving ixi-UMS Business

When ixi-UMS Business is installed on a new system, it is not possible to apply the settings/configurations via export function
You have to re-configure ixi-UMS Business after a (new) installation within the web interface.

Users in the local database, existing announcements for ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox and the Journal data base entries can be moved to the new system.
Configuration of all users are stored in the LDAP data base and will be preserved. 

Move Users

You can export the locally created users including all settings by help of the web configuration interface of ixi-UMS User Management.

This creates an .ldif file.
Copy this file to the new server and import the users into the new system.

Move announcements of ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox

The users' announcements are stored in the following folders: 

Version Storage location for announcements
ixi-UMS 7 Business...\ixi-UMS Business\ixi-UMS Voice-Mail Server\Users
ixi-UMS 6 Business...\ixi-UMS Business\ixi-UMS Mobile\Users

A separate folder is created for each user.
Copy all folders to the new server into the corresponding directory.

Transfer from 6 to 7

Transferring the announcements of ixi-UMS 6 Business to ixi-UMS 7 Business is possible.

Move ixi-UMS Journal 

The current ixi-UMS Business Journal is stored in a database. The database and its backups are stored in the folder ;

Storage location for Journal data
....\ixi-UMS Business\ixi-UMS Kernel\DB

To transfer the data proceed as follows:
Stop the services on the new system

  • Firebird Server - DefaultInstance
  • ixi-UMS Business Server Service

Copy the content of the folder "DB" to the new server in the identical directory.
Restart the services.

Transfer from 6 to 7

Transferring the journals of ixi-UMS 6 Business to ixi-UMS 7 Business is not possible.