This article supports you in activating the so-called debug logging in the ECSTA middleware and providing the corresponding log files for analysis. 

Log files can only be examined if meaningful anchor points are available. Therefore always provide the following additional information

    • When did the error occur (timestamp with date and time, at least to the minute)?
    • Which internal extensions were involved?
    • Which external participants were involved?
    • Process of the workflow that led to an error

For meaningful processing, all available log files (preferably the complete packed c:\ecsta...\ directory) should always be provided.


Microsoft Windows Control Panel

  1. Open the menu item Advanced Telephone Driver option (also accessible via the Start menu).
  2. In the following view, select the respective driver and open its configuration by clicking the button Configure...
  3. Switch to the Info tab in the ECSTA configuration and set the following settings.

Example screenshot

Note on data volume

Since the amount of data can grow rapidly, it is also recommended to check the box Delete log files daily, unless it is mandatory to log over several days.

If the driver log is already activated and has been running for some time, please first delete the old logs in the specified log files path.

Providing the log files

Click on the button "Provide logfiles" and all necessary log files are provided on the desktop as ZIP files.