State of knowledge

July 2024

Relevant for ECSTA for Avaya ACM, ECSTA for Avaya IP Office, ECSTA for BroadWorks, ECSTA for Communi5 Voice Application Server, ECSTA for Mitel MiVoice Business, ECSTA for Mitel MiVoice MX-ONE, ECSTA for Mitel MiVoice Office 400, ECSTA for OpenScape Voice, ECSTA for SIP Phones


An XML ECSTA driver cannot establish a connection to the telephone system, although the logon data (user/password) is correct;

Example screenshot: Login details have been entered correctly, but the error message still reads "No connection could be established." 

Possible cause

The login data (user name or password) contain special characters such as  <, >, &, ".

Special characters <, >, &, " are special XML characters that are replaced by escape sequences when the XML string is created in the XML driver and sent for attachment;

For example, > in the XML entry would be converted to &gt; and sent for attachment.


Check the login data configured for access to the PBX for special characters and change the login data accordingly if necessary.