State of knowledge

March 2022
Subject: ECSTA for OpenScape Business
Atos/Unify OpenScape Business updates from V2 to V3


The ECSTA for OpenScape Business cannot connect to the PBX after updating an OpenScape Business from V.2 to V.3.

Possible cause

CSTA licenses were already required in OpenScape Business V2. Apparently, the connection of the ECSTA also ran without a valid CSTA license.

This lack of a CSTA license (on the part of Atos/Unify) is no longer tolerated with system version V3. Now the licensing of the CSTA interface in the system is mandatory.

Checking possible causes

Verify under "License Management" on the installation whether a valid CSTA license is stored.


Enter a valid CSTA license in the attachment.

Further information about Booster Card and Booster Server

V3 PBX with Booster CardHDD hardware installed
does NOT require a license
V3 PBX with Booster ServerRequires a CSTA license