State of knowledge

June 2019

This article explains how MetaDirectory can be correctly connected to the UCServer if the user administration is to be used.

Shared user objects

To use MetaDirectory with user administration in ProCall, the following special features must be taken into account when connecting.

In order for the ProCall clients to log on to MetaDirectory, common user objects must be used, e.g. via:

    • Active Directory user administration
    • UCServer user administration
    • Integrated MetaDirectory user administration synchronous to active UCServer users

Configuration settings

The setup in the UCServer administration takes place under Databases -> MetaDirectory

Required settings are:

  • Set checkmark for Use estos MetaDirectory
  • Enter MetaDirectory Server, Port and, if necessary, Base DN
  • Set check mark for Use User ID 
  • The MetaDirectory Administrator account must be used as user ID and password
  • Set checkmark for Use in UCServer and/or ProCall Client

The same applies similarly to the telephone book data source.