State of knowledge

November 2021
MetaDirectory Versionen from 5.0.15


From MetaDirectory version 5.0.15 onwards, Text/CSV file replication fails even though the same replicator has successfully run with the older MetaDirectory version.

Possible reason

Incorrect entry in the source file may be the cause.
While older MetaDirectory versions skipped the erroneous entries during replication and thus caused data set losses, replication terminates during data inconsistency as of version 5.0.15.

Checking possible causes

Open the MetaDirectory log file and check if "Error in building contact from the line ..." is logged.

Example screenshot: MetaDirectory Administrator – Database – Replicators – Open last log file

Example screenshot: MetaDirectory Administrator – Database – Replicators – Check events

Check the corresponding line in the source file.


A single quotation mark (") where the closing quotation mark is missing within a field is interpreted as a line break and does not conform to the correct syntax.


Incorrect field contents in the source file must be corrected.


If records are maintained inconsistently, they can be corrected for a known pattern via additional programming prior to the replicator run. See (