State of knowledge

August 2020. The function is available since MetaDirectory 5. 

Since MetaDirectory 5, it is possible to start a replicator directly via a call
Therefore, the time management of the replicators can be controlled via the Windows Task Scheduler.


Create a replicator

Create a replicator with manual execution.
A corresponding guide can be found here...

Create task

Create a task using the Windows Task Scheduler.

  • Assign a unique name for the task.
  • Create a trigger for replication.
  • Define an action "Start program".
    Program/Script: Installation directoryMetaDirectory\MetaServer.exe -r "Replicator name"

    Example screenshot Define a task

  • Customize the security options so that the task is executed independently of user login and with the highest privileges.

Test task

To test the created task,

  • Open the MetaDirectory Administrator → Replicators
  • Open the Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Right-click on the newly created task (test can be started independently of the trigger.) → Run
  • Now in the MetaDirectory Administrator → check status, if the replication is/was executed, and query the last execution time.

Please note that the replications must be triggered with a time delay so that they are not executed simultaneously.

Create the replicators in MetaDirectory with manual (without automatic) execution time, since Windows Task Scheduler is used to manage the time.