State of knowledge

January 2021

Version affected



The replicators for Exact Online, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft EWS, and Salesforce fail.

Possible reason

EIComContactReplicator.exe crashes.

Checking possible causes

Check the Windows Event Viewer to see if EIComContactReplicator.exe crashed.

The following error message appears in the MetaDirectory log files: ReplicatorManagerQueue;Replicator reported an unknown error: C0000005.


The problem described here is solved as of  MetaDirectory Version 5.0.10.


We have worked out the following workaround for this issue:

Replace the EIComContactReplicator.exe with the file from version 5.0.7. You can find it here:

After downloading the file, go to the MetaDirectory installation directory (default: C:\Program Files\estos\MetaDirectory) and replace the file there.