State of knowledge

July 2024

MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise, MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise


MetaDirectory is queried via LDAP, not all contacts are read. The third-party program used returns "LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED" as an error message.

The error message "MetaDirectorySearchObject::SearchUserObjects;LDAP Error (0x0000000b): Management limit exceeded indicates that the limit for search queries has been exceeded.


Increase NonPagedLimit in MetaDirectoryServer.XML

Please note that this setting can have an influence on performance!


Changes to the LDAP server can only be made in MetaDirectoryServer.XML if a change has already been made to the LDAP server via the MetaDirectory administrator.

To do this, you can call the MetaDirectory Administrator once, make a change to the LDAP server there, apply the setting, and then change the setting back and apply it again. Only then can you successfully change the NonPagedLimit value.

Example for changing a setting e.g. change "Default display name as" or disable "Deliver contacts with images".

  1. Stop the MetaDirectory server.
    at "Start\Programme\estos\Stop MetaDirectory".

  2. Open the MetaDirectoryServer.xml file for editing (administratively). 
    at C:\Program Files\estos\MetaDirectory\config\MetaDirectoryServer.xml.
  3. Increase the "NonPagedLimit" value and save this change. 

  4. Save changes.
  5. Restart the MetaDirectory server
Example screenshot: MetaDirectory 5 Configuration – Database – LDAP Server