State of knowledge

May 2021. From MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise. 

To display more attributes for the contacts in the details view of the search results list of the new MetaDirectory search page, you can customize the associated template.


  1. Administratively open the contactdetails-groups.json file from the C:\Program Files\estos\MetaDirectory\wwwroot\templates directory.
  2. The required attribute can be added at the desired position under the desired area (default: Business, Home, Custom).
    The attribute name can be found in the MetaDirectory Administrator under Search\Standardsearch in the tooltip in the middle position on the desired field
  3. Save the file.
  4. After restarting the browser and the MetaDirectory search page, the additional attribute is now visible.


In the example, the business fax number is added to the Business group:

Example screenshot: Add business fax number to Business group

New groups such as Business, Home, and Custom can also be created in a similar way.
The displayed icons are taken from the Font Awesome 5 Pro-xxx.otf files in the C:\Program Files\estos\MetaDirectory directory. These can be viewed at the following URL:


The changes are no longer effective after updating the MetaDirectory.

After updating the MetaDirectory, copy the contactdetails-groups.json file from the resulting wwwroot.xxxxx.bak directory (located at C:\Program Files\estos\MetaDirectory) back to the above working directory.