This article explains how to create a legal notice and privacy statement for LiveChat in the contact portal. You have to configure the file contactportal.json accordingly.

Configuration of the contactportal.json

By default, contactportal.json file can be found in the directory at C:\Program Files\estos\UCServer\config\default.

Reference to website

Please copy the .json-file one level up for editing and place it in the directory at C:\Program Files\estos\UCServer\config.

In contactportal.json there is the possibility to directly enter a URL to your website with your legal notice/data protection declaration.

Reference to html file

Alternatively, you can also refer to an .html file that contains this content.

Please store these in the directory at C:\Program Files\estos\UCServer\WebService\Server\public\apps\contactportal.


Detailed documentation can be found here: