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Best Practice: Set up replicator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in MetaDirectory


From version 5.0.14 of MetaDirectory Enterprise, the replicator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available.

We've put together a startup best practice on the steps you need to take in the Microsoft Management Portals in Microsoft Azure Active Directory, when setting up the connection with Microsoft Dynamics for app registration and creating users, and how to configure the replicator in MetaDirectory.  

Guide: Create a ticket for estos technical support


We have summarized what you should keep in mind when creating a ticket if you want to receive technical support from estos Support in a guide with a brief description of the procedure and the most important information required:

Set up call forwarding for ProCall Enterprise


In an overview, we have compiled helpful articles for you on the topic of setting up call forwarding with ProCall Enterprise. Here you will find advice and instructions for setting up call forwarding for CTI or SIP lines via feature code as well as the procedure for analysis and known error messages.


Authentication method not supported – error message on ProCall client after MetaDirectory server update


After the MetaDirectory server update to version, the error "Authentication method not supported" may be displayed on the ProCall Enterprise client in the settings of the data sources.
This can be observed in the following constellations:

  • In the estos MetaDirectory Administrator, "Simple" is not configured as the authentication method under User management with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • In the estos UCServer Administration, "Windows Domain Authentication" is configured during user login.
  • In the ProCall settings on the ProCall client, the "Use Windows login" option is disabled.

In the estos MetaDirectory Administrator, under "User management with Active Directory", switch to the "Simple" authentication method.

Create call forwarding profile: Call forwarding types are not supported by system TSP


When creating a call forwarding profile in ProCall Enterprise client, forwarding types are offered for a TAPI line that is not supported by the system TSP (PBX/TAPI driver). 
The behavior occurs in environments where the ProCall user is assigned a softphone line in addition to the TAPI line.

Our new article shows how to proceed in such a case by leaving the call forwarding unconfigured in CTI functions under Properties of the line group in the estos UCServer administration. 


New releases at estos – recently released


You can find an overview of our Release Notes here... 


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