State of knowledge

June 2021

SIP telephone systems for softphones (cloud provider)


Test with PBX Release Version

ProCall Enterprise Version

Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect


from 6.1

Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE) 

R12.4 MD4

from 6.1



from 6.3

Auerswald (FONtevo) COMpact/COMmander

6.8 A/7.1A

from 6.2
autphone aut-voice (vPBX)6.13.13141(AareSwitch)

New in V 7
Profile aut-voice (vPBX)

Avaya IP Office


from 6.2
bintec elmeg be.IP plusR 10.2 Rev6 SP2from 6.4
bis. cloud
from 7.1.5
Profil bis. cloud (vPBX)
CITEC Universe
from 7.1.5
Profil Universe Cloud Connect (vPBX)
HFO Crown Centrex
Crown Call Manager
1.4New in V7
Profile HFO – HFO Crown Centrex (vPBX)

innovaphone IP811

12r2, 13r1

from 6.2

Mitel MiVoice Office 400

V5.0 HF3, V6.2

from 6.1

Mitel MX-ONE

6.1 SP1, 7.1 SP0 HF2

from 6.1
MK Netzdienste MK-Centrex
from 7.2
nfonVersion from December 2019New in V7
Profile Asterisk

Panasonic KX-NS Series (700/1000)


from 6.1

Panasonic KX-NSX Series (info)


from 6.1
reventix SIP Gateway

Version from August 2019

New in V7
Profile reventix virtual telephone system EASY (vPBX)

Unify OpenScape 4000

V8 R1.19.6

from 6.2

Unify OpenScape Business

V2 R4.0.1, V2 R7

from 6.2

(info) For these telephone systems, we currently offer and do not plan any connection instructions. Please use the available instructions to derive conclusions for your telephone systems.

Further inquired/known telephone systems without checking for function

We have already received inquiries for the following telephone systems, but have not performed a functional check:

  • Yeastar 
  • 3CX