State of knowledge

June 2019

If there are problems with TextChats in ProCall 6 Enterprise, the following checks and analysis of error images may be useful for error analysis and problem solving: 

Please note that the configuration settings described here do not only affect the ProCall behavior. Please only change configuration settings with the appropriate expertise.

Check requirements

  • Suitable web browser used?
  • JavaScript enabled?
  • No compatibility mode enabled?
  • No enhanced security configuration for web browsers enabled?

Enhanced security configuration

Error image when opening a chat that indicates enhanced security configuration:

Example screenshot when using Microsoft Internet Explorer

Possible causes

Enhanced security configuration is enabled.


Disable enhanced security configuration (Server Manager).

Unsuitable formatting

Example: too large symbols.

Possible causes

Browser version probably outdated.


Install the latest browser version.

White/Empty chat window

Example screenshot of an empty chat window

Possible causes

The page or, in general, has been marked as an intranet page with Compatibility View enabled.

Example screenshot settings of the Compatibility View


Do not show one of the above-mentioned sites in Compatibility View or uncheck "Show intranet sites in Compatibility View" and restart the client.

No contents/messages available or reference to faulty/missing scripting

Example screenshot: No messages

Example screenshot: Windows Security Warning

Possible causes

The page or, in general, has been detected in a security zone (normally this will be the internet zone) where Active Scripting is disabled or needs to be confirmed.

Example screenshot: Enable scripting


Recognize the page as intranet page and activate Active Script.