State of knowledge

November 2021

Use case: Softphone calls

FunctionAndroid call windowProCall Mobile in-app call window

Call account activatedCall account disabled


Bluetooth headset(tick)(tick)
Hands free in car(tick)(error)
MDM (error)(tick)

The Android call account can be activated or deactivated depending on the desired function.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

If you use ProCall Mobile in conjunction with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) such as Microsoft Intune, you will not be able to access the Android phone settings and thus the changes to the call account permissions. The following alternatives can be used for activation or deactivation: ProCall Mobile app: Android call account notes..

The Android call window cannot be used within the Android work profile (MDM). As soon as a softphone call is made, the user leaves the work profile. This results in undesired behavior, such as the calls being saved in the phone's call log.