State of knowledge

June 2021

MetaDirectory provides an LDAP interface that can also be queried by smartphones without using the ProCall Mobile app

Please make sure that the LDAP server of the MetaDirectory is available in the network where the smartphone is located.

If the smartphone is on the same network as the MetaDirectory server, the smartphone usually only needs to be able to resolve the IP address of the MetaDirectory server and open port 712 (Standard Port).

If the smartphone accesses the MetaDirectory from the public network, for example, you must pass the LDAP interface of the MetaDirectory through to the public network. Please also consider the topic of data security here.

Since iOS devices can only access the default port for Active Directory, the port for accessing the MetaDirectory LDAP server must be adjusted (to 389) either on the MetaDirectory directly or via the network configuration.


Example of use with an iPhone

  1. Open the Settings → Contacts → Accounts → Add account.

  2. Select "Other" from the suggested providers.
  3. Select "Contacts → Add LDAP Account".
  4. Specify the MetaDirectory address. If the MetaDirectory user management is used, you must also specify a username and the associated password in the iPhone.

Notes on iOS and Android

While iOS devices already come with an LDAP connection, Android devices usually require a third-party application that enables an LDAP query.